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Mobile app aims to help influencers find perfect offers from SME on Instagram.


The idea to create the Bloom app came from two founders who have been using Instagram to find commercial offers from companies as well as they were also running their own small business at this time, so they were looking for people willing to take part in their marketing campaigns. The experience of contacting people through Instagram app and emails and lack of available solutions convinced them to build something they would use on their own.
The app was meant to address most painful points:1. The whole process of finding appropriate Instagram profiles was time consuming as the founders had to look for and then message each person one by one.2. It was difficult to find enough influencers to run a campaign as they usually weren't available at the same time and had different expectations from the offer.3. Setting up the offers demanded to use Instagram, emails and phone calls, so it was turning into a big logistic operation each time. It was exhaustive, because they still had to run their business on daily basis.4. Small and medium size companies often cannot afford to collaborate with professional agencies due to budget constraints, so they are forced to build brand awareness on their own, which naturally takes a lot of time and effort to see results.
Since the pain spots were identified it was clear what features the app must provide in order to make collaboration easy, quick and convenient. 


Scope of work

Business analysis, Mobile development, UX/UI design, Team management




From the very beginning we wanted to start with the essential features only and ship MVP to the market as soon as possible to validate the concept.The project backlog mainly consisted on key functionalities such as managing offers created by business users, browsing and filtering the offers by influencers, managing Point of Sales connected to business users profiles and also some necessary technical and business validations on UI and backend.
The team size varied from 4 to 8 people and the whole project took a couple of weeks to ship the MVP to Google and Apple marketplaces.
The app allows to register as a business user or influencer and then depending on the chosen role.Business user can create an offer by providing start and end dates, location, what they offer, the maximum number of participants, the minimum number of IG followers and what they expect from influencers (post with hashtag, IG story etc). Also, they can check who accepted their offer and can rejected that person if needed.On the other hand, influencers can browse and sign up for the offers. They can use filters to quickly find what they like.Email notifications inform users about the important changes if something has changed in the offer they accepted.These are essential highlights, but the app can much more than that!

Used technologies

Screenshot of Drively app
Screenshot of Drively app
Screenshot of Drively app


We are very happy that we could be a part of the project, because we believe that it can really make easy and convenient for small and medium size companies to launch and run marketing campaigns on Instagram.It is also appealing to influencers as they can quickly find relevant offers and build their portfolio and relationships with the local firms and brands.
And it is just the beginning, because we have already plenty of new features in our minds which will enable even more interactions between the users and automate another elements of making campaigns.
Stay tuned and thanks for reading! :)

Screenshot of Drively app

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