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The new website is meant to attract more customers and increase conversion rates by having a tailored web form and a modern look and feel. 

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Bulletmove operates in moving business, which is well-known from its high competitivity and homogeneity.
The firm has been growing fast on the local market in the last months, because its customers appreciate the high quality services and flexible approach provided by the Bulletmove. Thus, the company receive a lot of positive feedback and can rely on word of mouth. But there is still a room for improvement in terms of brand recognition and especially the online presence.
All players in the business have generic websites with similar content and most of them had been created long before RWD became the essential feature. Bulletmove wasn't an exception, but they knew that a unique look and feel, and customer-centric design could be a game changer in their online competition.
We totally agreed with it, so we decided to kick off a new project.

Graphics from Bulletmove website

Scope of work

Business analysis, UX/UI design, Team management, Web development

Image from Bulletmove website

Bulletmove team in action


Screenshot of Bulletmove webform

This time we knew we would create everything from scratch. Starting from brand name and colors through content and ending up on extra features on the new website.Our plan was to build a user-friendly, minimalistic website that would welcome visitor with clear call-to-action buttons, straightforward hierarchy of information and an easy navigation.The key feature is the web form built to encourage website visitors to go through the estimation process completely online and obtain a final price within 15 minutes. Thanks to that option the firm has opened up to younger generations as they prefer writing emails and online interaction to phone calls.
Not only does the website contain information about their services, but also is sharing some hints by publishing e.g. the complete checklist how to arrange and get ready for a relocation or you can a recommendation how to rent a warehouse if stuff must be stored in a safe place.

Used technologies

When it comes to wireframes Balsamiq is a perfect tool for that.


XD Adobe can demonstrate how the end result will look like.

Prototype made in XD Adobe


After the new website was released Bulletmove received a very positive feedback and its new customers highlighted that the look and feel of the website encouraged them to contact the company.
The new web form proved to attract younger generations and became a convenient communication channel for the both sides.
Well-established marketing channels like word of mouth, positive reviews on Facebook and local portals or AdWords are now extended by the new source of leads. A couple of weeks after the go-live, the company was noting the highest number of obtained emails from the web-form. Also, the number of phone calls skyrocketed. 
Since we finished the project, we became a longterm partner for Bulletmove and we continue our collaboration.

Screenshot of Bulletmove mobile version

Take a moment to see what the CEO of Bulletmove says about our collaboration.

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