How we work

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Agile software development process

Experienced in remote projects.

All under control

Working with us is simple, transparent and predictable.

  • Budget and time control

    Being agile doesn't mean you can't control the project's budget. We've established good practices to ensure you will maintain the full control over the project, budget and timelines.

  • Project planning

    Before we start working on your project we will meet to better understand your business goals, high-level requirements and initial scope of work. It will help in defining the general shape of our collaboration.

  • Regular updates

    We share regular updates about status of the project, current progress and tasks we plan to take care of in a near future.We manage our projects transparently and pay attention to be effective and honest in communication.

Our team's proved to know Agile practices by obtaining various certificates

Our team has 5+ years of experience in Agile projects

Flexibly approach to deliver products tailored to business goals

Adapt to change, improve quality and optimize costs.


Planning the project

Define scope, confirm approach, process and standards.


Analysis and design

 Build backlog, plan architecture, create UX/UI.



Deliver backlog items in sprints (shippable increments).


User acceptance tests

Evaluate the final product against the requirements.



Train your staff, inform customer about the changes and release the product to the production environment.

Quality matters

Let your customers enjoy the product.

Project planning

Scope, milestones, priorities, reporting

Standards and processes

Code coverage, DoR, DoD, acknowledged tools

Code reviews

Peer to peers cross checks of code quality

Continuous development

Version control tools, one repository for the all developers

Software tests

Unit tests, integration, system and end-to-end testing

We value smooth cooperation and good communication

These are the essential factors to deliver a successful project.

Our approach works perfectly for remote projects

Our team is focused on remote collaboration and thanks to our experience we know how to ensure effective communication and smooth cooperation.That means you can expect full transparency in the project.As a Product Owner, you are always informed about the ongoing progress of development and updated about other project-related aspects.
You are welcome to use our perffered tools to facilitate and streamline development and shipping the product. 

Picture of remote meeting

The tools we like to use 


Google Hangouts

for video calls


Microsoft Teams

for ongoing communication in the project



for ongoing communication in the project



for project management


Google Drive

for collaboration together on documents


Microsoft SharePoint

for collaborating together on documents


Confluence Atlassian

for collaboration together on documentation



for code-related tasks