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We focus on user and your business goal

We know how important a beautiful design is and that it is one of the most important factors to build appropriate impression on the end users.Our goal is to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and that's why we've got a senior UX/UI designer on board.

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Design for a MVP

Validate your business idea by creating minimal required design for a MVP and collect feedback from the early adopters without wasting your time on building the full version of the product.


Redesign UX/UI

Improve your existing UX and UI by making it more appealing to the end-users and gain new options to grow your business.

Create a new design

Tell us about your idea and we will take care of everything. Staring from research to complete design of your new product.

From an idea to the final design

Agile approach, efficient communication and 5+ of experience make the best out of the idea

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Wireframe of Bullemove webform

Want to talk about design for your product?

Contact us directly and let's talk about your idea.

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How we will design your digital product



We will define who end users are, what design they may like and how to attract and keep their attention. 



At Discovery phase, we will discuss possible options based on the research and your business expectations. That will help to find the best solution for your project.



We will draw some sketches to translate your concept into physical shapes similar to the apps and games from the late 90s.It will tell if we go in the right direction and allow to stop for a while to rethink every aspect of the project.



It will be an equivalent of the skeleton or basic structure of your website/app. That is a perfect time to decide what content and features put on the product. 



Mockups will be a static representation of your product with already approved colors, fonts, logos, images and 'Lorem ipsum" texts.



It is a mockup enriched with UX animations, transitions and anything else end users would like to experience when clicking your product.It will give a feeling of using a real product.

Take a look at our UX/UI projects 

Bulletmove project

UX Design, Web development

Taking a local firm to the next level

A local firm wanted to stand out from the crowd and had a vision how to outrun his competitors. We shared his belief and decided to bring it to life. Since then, we established a longterm collaboration.

Drively project

Mobile app development, IT management, UX design

Drively - a new tool for Uber drivers

A mobile application built to boost efficiency, increase revenue streams and ensure a better comfort at work of Uber drivers.

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